Learning Spanish: How to Say Sorry

Learning is a continuous process and no matter how learned you might think you are you will still need some teaching still. There are so many languages in the world and to master them all is not easy but at least you can master a number of them when you want to since you can look for a tutor in every language you want and learn even online. There are some phrases that are very important and its good for one to learn them in Spanish if you are in Spain like saying “I’m sorry”. This phrase can however be used in different instances in Spain and it’s good to know when you are using the phrase and where so that you will keep the communication valid.

If you want to go to Spain either to stay there permanently or to visit, it’s important to learn Spanish so that you will know how to communicate with the people that you will find there. You will need to say sorry when you hurt someone, when someone is bereaved or when you want a person to repeat something. In all this, you will have to know the phrases that expresses all this for you to say what you are supposed to say at the right time.

You could be wondering but how will you know all this, yes, its god to ask yourself this. Tutors are so many whether you want to have a one-on-one class you can get one or if you want to learn online you can still get someone to teach you how to do this. However, before you choose your Spanish tutor you must choose wisely to make sure that you will get someone that you can depend on and someone who will teach you well. If you want to attend classes in person, you must ensure that the class is small such that the tutor can handle all of you at a personal level.

Saying sorry in different situations. We will therefore learn this phrase today to make sure that you will make peace with others when you do something wrong to them and you will also be empathetic to someone who has loved a loved one. What about telling your tutor to repeat what he or she just said? You also need to learn this.
Lo siento – saying this is very easy, it’s just as its written. You use this phrase when you are apologizing for something that has gone wrong.
Siento/lamento- when a person is bereaved, it will make them feel better. It’s a way to show them that you care about them and that you are there for them.
Pardon- in order to let someone know that you haven’t heard what they said and you want them to be louder or to say what they had said a second time, you will have to use this phrase. Learning this will hence safe you a lot. If you do not know what to say this, you will end up leaving without having something clarified. Learning Spanish is that simple.

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